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Suddenly, the size of text changed to quite large.  Adjusting display resolution doesn't help. Resolution stays the same no matter what I try to change it to. Any suggestions as to how adjusting can be made?  


Went back to try again and System Preferences won't open.  I have so many problems since I upgraded to Mavericks.  Please don't tell me that it isn't Mavericks causing the problems as I never had them before.


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    This is so flaky.  Resolution just returned to previous state by itself; however, System Preferences still won't open to show icons.  


    I can only see it View (list) mode; however, clicking on ANY item doesn't do a damned thing. Going to restart to see what that'll do.

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    I’m beginning to get the feeling that you may have a lemon, the number of problems you’ve had. And that sucks.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    I’m beginning to get the feeling that you may have a lemon, the number of problems you’ve had. And that sucks.

    I'm thinking the same thing.  But it's Mavericks that's the lemon as I've not had these problems before.  


    That being said, Restarting has helped. I can now open and use System Preferences; however, some of the Dialog Boxes are not the same as before, e.g., Displays has changed. It now shows 'Best for display' & 'Scaled' where before it showed only a list of resolutions which did nothing.  It also shows "Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available", now.  Before I restarted the iMac, Displays also showed an option for "iMac" or something like VWX &#$%_____ (can't recall).  Now, that option is gone and 'iMac' is shown in the header. Arrangement dialog box has changed and so has Color dialog box.  


    I think that the computer doesn't like the taste of  Mavericks and is trying to spit it out. (LOL)  OR, maybe Snow Leopard and Mavericks are trying to duke it out for supremacy.


    Mavericks is on my iMac. I haven't upgraded (that's a laugh) to Mavericks on my MBP and it's working fine with Snow Leopard.  A Mac user friend suggested that I should upgrade the MBP to Mavericks to see if it has the same problems, and if it's the iMac itself that's causing the problems. No thanks. It'll be a cold day in hell before I upgrade the MBP.  

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    Mavericks Sucks big time !

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    Originally Posted by marvfox View Post


    Mavericks Sucks big time !

    I've gone to other Mac forums trying to find answers and found that other Mavericks users are having similar and other problems.  Some may be addressed in later versions, but I'm not holding my breath. Apple is working on OS 10.10 already. Mavericks may be free, but you get what you pay for.  Unfortunately, I broke my own rule to wait until bugs are ironed out before "upgrading" to a new OS, and I'm paying a price for that idiocy.


    I've noticed a few other problems: In MacMail, Apple made it more difficult to add a Group in the Adress Line, CC, or BCC. Now it requires jumping through hoops to do it. Further, clicking on an address in Contacts (Address Book) doesn't insert it into the Address line as before. Apple givith and Apple taketh away.


    I'm still irritated that Apple deleted 'Drag and Drop' into the Subject line; deleted the spinning wheel showing a hunt for new mail; and especially irritated that the Calendar tray was deleted, but Apple made those and other "improvements" several OS's back.


    However, no matter how flaky Apple OS's are, I still wouldn't go back to Windows. I have to use Windows at work, and it's even flakier.  I feel that operating systems are regressing in some ways and not progressing.


    Bitch, bitch, bitch. Sorry, but it helps to vent. Thanks, AI.

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