Apple Store in Dadeland mall is becoming the least appealing to me. Will never return After today

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This visit to this store today was so horrible that i have got to find a way to let the public know. This store is full of punks and fags. The minute i walked in i was trying to leave but since i was trying to get my moms phone upgraded to the new iPhone 5s i had to stay to deal with all the gay shit that was around me. All I wanted to do was return the phone that i bought online and purchase it again with a new line. They had to get three apple punks to try and figure this easy exchange and none of them could get it worked out. after specking with a gay manager and the other one and a 2 hours of my life wasted their was no change in the return status. to sum everything up i wasted time and was not happy going to the apple store because they couldn't perform a easy 2- 3 step task for the customer. Apple service has gone to shit and its because theirs too much insiders that are getting their gay friends jobs and basically when the word spreads about this it will get to head quarters. I don't think apple wants a bunch of gay boys selling their products.


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    You should consider moving to Saudi Arbia... As I understand it, they won't put up with all those fags over there!... But here in The USA (well, most of us, anyhow)... We don't generally judge a person's performance as a sales clerk based on their sexual orientation.
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