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I made a page in dreamweaver with two frames, one to the left and one to the right. I guess its called a frameset that contains the two frames right? Well i saved that and that is my homepage to...

<a href="http://www.exctrack.com"; target="_blank">www.exctrack.com</a>

when i go back and open that file in dreamweaver i can't edit the frameset to have a diff page load in either of the frames...how do i get back to the frameset to edit it?


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    Not sure with that problem. Dreamweaver can be quirky try opening the frameset file in textedit and resaving it or edit it in there.

    Personaly I try not to use frames. You could create that page without using frames. It would be better and easier to use css positioning, probably mixed with tables.
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    francisg3francisg3 Posts: 168member
    Well, I agree too. Frames are a bad idea for all kinds of reasons.

    But if you insist...

    Open the frames palette in DW. You'll see your frame grid there. Click on the part of the frameset you want, then look at your properties palette. You'll see a field called "Src." Hit the folder icon to the right of it, and navigate to the .html page you want to load there. Save often.

    Good luck!
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    Yes Frames are the devil. A light weight site is much better than frames anyways.
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