Nocturne app has left my menu bar permanenetly black

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I recently installed, & then uninstalled the mac app nocturne, it makes the menu bar & screen inverted for night reading. I had it set to just make the menu bar black.


It began to be flaky on my mac, & I tried to quit the program, both through the activity monitor, & the nocturne menu.


I then decided I did not want it after all & tried an uninstall by deleting the app to the trash, & then removing any preference files & folders. Then did a reboot, but this did not work, I have also tried reinstalling, & then doing a complete manual uninstall, but to no avail, it has left my menu bar black.


When I go into system preferences to check off translucent menu bar, it turns it back to white, but nearly all the text along on the left  & icons on the right is unreadable unless I mouse over the individual items.


I can see the text faintly, but it is like a layer is over the text so I cannot not read it.


When I uncheck translucent menu bar, the menu bar goes black, with all the text white & readable except my user name, & clock in the right hand side. Like before, I can see this text faintly, but it is like a layer of black is over it, so I cannot read it unless I mouse over & highlight the items.


I have asked on other forums with no replies, this has been puzzling me for a few days now.


I am using a 2011 mac mini with Lion 10.7.5

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