Helping a friend with Win 8 and Lexmark printer

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My friend has a HP Laptop with Win 8 and a Lexmark X4530 printer.  This is a new laptop so Win 8 was installed.  He does not have the Lexmark install CD for the drivers.  He doe not have an internet connection. 


This is a two part problem.  One, the printer will not turn on which is the main issue. Two, installing print drivers for Win 8 without an internet connection.    


The printer will not turn on.  It appears the power button does not work.  There is 120 volts power through the power cord to the printer but pressing the power button does nothing.  I was searching the internet for forums or help about Lexmark printers but come up with nothing.  The owners manual trouble shooting states to replug the power cord at the outlet and at the printer.  We did that several times so that is not the problem.  We were thinking that there could be a fuse that was blown.  


The second problem is with Win 8.  So excuse a Mac owner ranting and raving about Win 8.  What a difficult piece of software that is.  Other older Win OS  have Lexmark drivers but not for Win 8.   Win 8 does not have down loaded able drivers which are not on his laptop.  Win 8 selects the drivers.   I thought that I could down load the 

drivers and burn a DVD so he could add the appropate drivers but that is not the case.  


Does anyone here have experience with Lexmark X4530 printers?  We need to solve the power on problem first.  

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