PowerBook Sleep Light

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Is there any way (terminal?) to change the white LED that is normally pulsing when the computer is asleep and off while it is awake to be on solid while the computer is awake and pulsing when it's asleep? I don't like the fact that when my display sleeps I have to visual way of telling (without walking over to my computer and moving the mouse) if the machine is on or off. Thanks.


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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    personally i NEVER turn my machine off. it's always on or asleep, although i'm not sure that there's any way to do what you want, and if there was it would be a serious hack, probably not work what you'd break in the process.

    let me know if you find something though.
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    os10geekos10geek Posts: 413member
    I don't think that the pulsing is controlled by the Mac OS itself, but maybe a little imbedded chip. And the imbedded chip must be tough to hack...
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