Koingo Software ?

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Anyone familiar with Koingo Software?  Has anyone here used their products? if so, what is your opinion?


I received this, but am wary of such offers. 


Koingo Software, Inc.

We choose to do what is hard...

Hello friends,

imageWell, you've probably heard about our battle with MacUpdate over the past few months. And you know what? We're sick of dealing with it. We're putting and end to this once and for all. We're giving away $2.2 million dollars worth of product tonight.

There were mistakes and miscommunications on both sides; however, in the nature of good relations between us and our customers, we have given affected customers FREE copies of version 3.x of both titles now. This comes without any action or payment from MacUpdate, of which we are still due.

We're not asking for payment from you for these free copies at all. Not even donations. So, if this affected you, just download the versions below and activate using your e-mail address.

Download MacCleanse 3

Download Data Guardian 3

We only ever agreed to giveaway copies of version 2.x, and this is where our dispute with MacUpdate began. Assumptions ran wild, emotions ran high, and the dirty laundry was public for everyone to see. For this, we apologize. We strongly urge you tweet about MacUpdate or contact MacUpdate and ask them to stop vandalizing our Wikipedia page as well as remove their red, bold, headers at the top of every Koingo listing on MacUpdate.com.

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