OpenCL ?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
With the new Mac Pro arriving soon, having 2 separate graphics cards likely not combined via Crossfire, it appears that Apple is planning on promoting this system for OpenCL users. Apparently OpenCL is the open-source version of nVidia's CUDA, and it's intent is to allow software to access and utilize various types of processors in a computer rather than just the CPU. The first graphics card could run the monitor(s) and the second graphics card could be used only to add more processing power to an application, above and beyond the CPU, to make it run faster.

As a non-graphics/video/3D/CAD computer user, here are my amature questions:

1) Are there any other advantages to having 2 separate graphics cards, besides 1) running up to 6 monitors, or 2) running 3 monitors plus OpenCL to make your processor seem even faster)?

2) Is there a list of software applications, either OSX or Windows based, which support OpenCL? For example, if I wanted to run VMWARE Workstation with multiple servers running various applications, it would be nice to know if the servers or applications would benefit from having that second video card or not. I didn't find a list on the net of apps that support OpenCL. (I know that OSX and Windows both "support" OpenCL, but does that mean the OS actually runs faster, or just that they allow you to run other OpenCL apps within them?)

Thank you.
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