iPhone 5s connection issues

in iPhone edited January 2014
I recently switched my family plan over to T-Mobile from Verizon. I did this because I will be saving over $150 per month on the service. My iPhone 5s from Verizon works flawlessly on the T-Mobile network. I am able to get LTE, 4G, Edge, and voice coverage depending upon the area I'm in. Where I work happens to be in a dead spot for T-Mobile. I was OK with this because I have phones at work and the coverage map shows that there should be partner coverage at my work. I am able to locate an AT&T network on my phone, but cannot seem to connect to it. I called T-Mobile and after a few trouble shooting tips they told me it was a phone problem. Contacted Apple and they had me run a few other trouble shooting tips and now they are telling me its a network problem.

Has anyone else had an issue similar to this? Phone works fine on its own network but will not hop over to a roaming network.
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