Upgraded to Mavericks and now I can't print

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Upgraded to Mavericks and can no longer print on my HP Laser Jet 1022


Called Apple Tech support -- couldn't fix it.


Called HP -- told me to buy a newer model printer -- really!  :-(


Any ideas?


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    This driver doesn’t work?

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    Can't install it.  Says it's from an "unidentified developer."


    I'm showing a Laser Jet 1022 driver in the Library. 


    Apple software update shows no software necessary.  HP web instructions say no new software should be necessary.


    Totally puzzled!

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,406moderator
    rotideqmr wrote: »
    Can't install it.  Says it's from an "unidentified developer."

    In your system prefs > security > general, change it to allow installation from anywhere. Then change it back after install if you want.
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    There is a large tribe of folks that Upgraded to Mavericks and now can't scan.  All have HP scanners/all in one printers of various types.


    HP needs to update it's device driver software to work correctly with the New OS.  Check for your device specific software on the HP site version OSX 10.9 software. Devices are being updated as time moves on.


    Check the HP forums for information and a work arounds.



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    I changed the preferences, installed the app you sent, and it works perfectly.  :-)

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