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I was wondering if anyone on this forum plays Combat Mission.  This World War II tactic  game is developed by  The game interface is mostly point and click. This game can be played on a Windows commuter besides a Mac.  I am using a 27 inch iMac 2.8 Ghz with 12 GB of memory, this is one of the first 27" iMacs.  


I am modifying some of the scenarios and some of these have huge maps.  When doing this, point on a button to select a map feature then click on the map to add the feature, the lag between mouse/curser movement is sever seconds.  It so frustrating because the curser is jumping around the screen and is difficult to accurately place the curser.  Some times it takes a couple of hours to made these changes.  


I was wondering what Mac would improve my experience in this game.  I am not sure if the problem is memory or cpu speed or gpu speed. 


Any thoughts?  


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,807moderator
    It depends on what it's doing. If adding things to maps is going to the disk to load assets then the slow point could be the hard drive in which case an SSD would help. This is especially true for non-sequential reads. If it's rendering performance, that could be if you are running the game at too high a resolution. The native iMac resolution is 2560x1440. You can try running it at 1280x720 and see if that improves the issue.
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