NAT Problem (resolved)

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i have 2 computers. 1 is running gNat, and trying to share the cable modem. the other can't seem to get the internet. the main computer (a b&w g3) can get on the internet, and can ping the second computer's (an ibook) internal address ( But the ibook can't hit any computer, internal or external. The really strange part about this is, I can, from the main computer, ssh into the ibook. But, from the ibook i can't even ping the main computer. anohter weird part of this is that i had the ibook as the nat computer a few weeks ago, and copied over the nat script to this computer and thats when it stopped working.

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    i figured it out. apparently, since my outside ip is dynamic, it was loading after my internal address. and natd defines the outside ip as the first one loaded. all is well now.
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