Recommendations for universal remote app/dongle

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I am looking to convert my iPad and possibly iPhone 5s as well into a universal remote. I am looking for recommendations from people that have done this. I am looking to control a Pioneer receiver, PS3, Panasonic TV, and DirecTV DVR. 


So far these are my top 2 choices.


This article is a little dated but also offers a few more choices.


Any thoughts from people that have managed to convert their iOS device into a universal remote is appreciated. If it requires a dongle I will need it to use either the audio jack or lightning since I no longer have a 30 pin device. Thanks


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    gwmacgwmac Posts: 1,806member

    Wow this section is dead.


    I went with the Logitech Harmony and so far so good in case anyone ever visits this section and cares. 

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