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I have been a new loyal customer of Apple since last year. I even rather shop at APPLE for stuffs that they do to make.  I love their wonderful staff who always trying their very best and give helpful and informative advise every time when I visited any Apple store in the cities that I have been.


I have problem using a product that I bought 2 days ago. I went back to the store and asked for help.  Someone came in a bad mood and a stern voice, (never mind about the usual friendly face and a smile that i always got ) .   I was being talked down to in a very condescending way and  I was "'LECTURED " that " I need to learn that myself and she does not know more than me because Apple did not make that product… she kept on and on adding more insult to the conversation.


I looked down to her name tag and I was shocked to find out that she is actually the store manager : Reanna.  How could someone like her with such unprofessional manners with out right "RUDE" attitude work as a APPLE store team leader… A MANAGER ?  


This is a very bad experience for me and it has totally wiped out my impression of the great service that APPLE stores provide….


I think the head office should know about this.


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    Call the Cupertino California main office and report the incident to them. She is way out of line with this conduct of hers.No one deserves this attitude from any worker anywhere in retail period.

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