iPhone 5 all day battery?

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Has anybody found a very good integrated charging case for iPhone 5? I am a motorcyclist and can be away from a wall charger for many hours at a time. I have several secondary batteries, of different brands and sizes, but they all have compromises. The smaller ones don't seem to hold much charge, while the larger ones can take up significant pocket space (and weight). 


I am familiar with a few top brands as far as batteries go, but I've never used a case/battery integrated solution. Any suggestions?


PS I am Definitely more interested in slim and pocketable vs a "I can run over it with my car" type case


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    I simply wired a charging cable onto my bike ... mounted the iPhone on the handlebars where it also serves as a GPS.


    (The charging cable consists of a USB port dongle that plugs into my battery-tender plug on the bike and provides a USB plug for a standard USB-lightning cable which I routed under the tank and to the handlebars... a "Rider's Claw" mount (you can Google that) securely holds the iPhone and provides easy "drop-in" mounting/removal of the iPhone.)


    Feel free to PM me if you want more specifics.

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