how to use applescripts for forms?

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My college campus is about to disconnect all of our systems from the network due to major renovation work. I teach sme web design using dreamweaver to students and have a problem with lessons invbolving forms. since we will not be able to connect to a server and use cgi for form handling as every mac will be a standalone machine does anyone know if it is possible to create web pages in Dreameweaver 3 that contain forms and then do form handling using an applescript stored on the same hd? this is only a stop gap measure but we need a way to deliver this part of the curriculum while the technical constraints apply.

perhaps there is a way to do this via lingo in a director projector or shockwave file instead?

thanx in advance


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    This kind of rings a bell. Maybe I read about using AS to handle these requests with a FMP database.

    Try <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> or the AppleScript discussion area on Apple's web page.
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