Unable to install the Decker Bold font

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The Decker Bold font is widely available for free on the Internet. However, regardless of which source I download it from, it appears to be corrupted (though I don't think it actually is). The three specific errors I receive from the Font Book application when I try to install it are 1) 'name' table usability 2) 'sfnt' required tables and 3) 'name' table structure'. I can install the font regardless, either by ignoring the error or dragging it directly into the Fonts folder. I can then actually use it in Microsoft Word but it doesn't appear in Photoshop (where I need to use for a project). Has anyone ever seen this type of behaviour before? It is particularly odd given that I can see the letter set in the Font Book install preview and can use the font successfully in Word.


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    If it hurts to drive a nail into your skull, then maybe your should not drive a nail into your skull. Look. Bad fonts cause more problems than any other category of software. [B]Decker Bold[/B] is appears to be as about as generic a sans serif font that I have seen. You probably have a font already installed on your system that has the same basic look.

    It might be different if [B]Decker Bold[/B] has some unique feature that is unavailable elsewhere. This may be only a coincidence, but [B]Safari[/B] crashed while was inspecting the font in [B]Font Book[/B]. My recommendations:

    [*] Use the closest match to [B]Decker Bold[/B] among the fonts already installed on your system.
    [*] Buy the font that served as the inspiration for the POS that is [B]Decker Bold[/B].
    [*] Find a similar free font in a credible font repository.
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    What would you suggest as an alternative?

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    I really like Champagne and Limousines (regular), and its bold is sort of close.


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