Trying not to make a mess out of my iTunes!

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

Running latest version of iTunes on 2 Win 7 64 computers. I just bought a new laptop (one of the Win 7 machines) and decided to clean up my iTunes library before loading it onto the new computer. My old library (and iPod Classic) had lots of problems with dupes, missing songs in empty folders, and last-name-first alphabetizing problems.


I started out by trying to fix my existing Desktop library, so I could simply move it intact, then re-sync my iPod.


First problem I ran into was after I fixed all the problems on my desktop library, they didn't reflect in iTunes itself. Even though the library was now properly alphabetized by last name, it still showed a lot of first-name-last ordering in iTunes itself. Does this mean I have to go into the Get Info file for every song and change the order there as well ? Maybe this is related, but I "fixed" the name ordering of every folder in my library, and uninstalled iTunes...hoping I could direct it to add the corrected library from my fixed copy, but when I opened the newly reinstalled program, all the old misordered songs were there. I wasn't given the option of telling iTunes what music to add and from where. Is there a way to tell iTunes to add the properly alphabetized library instead of the old one?

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