Illustrator and Photoshop

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Hello Forum.

How do you make the background of an object transparent in Adobe Illustrator?

I have been having issues with using the Magic Wand tool in Adobe Illustrator as well as the lasso tool.

Basically, I am trying to put a small graphic into a new Illustrator file.

The first thing I tried to do is to use the magic wand tool.  But I found out that this did not work on a jpeg image since it did not have any individual objects to select.

So I tried something new.  I opened the file in Adobe Photoshop and used the lasso tool to select an area.  Then I coped this area.  Then I tried to paste it into Adobe Illustrator.  But the background was not transparent for the pasted image.

How do I make the background transparent.

I made this small video to show what I am talking about:

I noticed that the background is a layer in the image I made in photoshop.  I tried turning it off or making it invisible, but that did not help.


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