REVIEW: iPad for the non-techie peeps

in iPad edited January 2014
I'm an average Midwestern Mom, who has previously had the ipad2 and now have the iPad mini. I thought I loved my iPad2, until I got the mini and now realize it was only lust with the iPad because it's definitely love now for the mini

I've had the mini for over a year now and it's never been out if my site for more than 30minute, unless it's being charged. I use it for everything from reading on the kindle app, shopping, Facebook and texting. it's an awesome addition to my iPhone 5 and I'll always have both, unless they ever make one devise that's the best of both worlds.

If you're intimidated by technology and not sure which tablet to choose, I would give the iPad mini a try. it's great for beginners and novice techie!
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