iPod Pouch - which is the best ?

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I guess by now there are a few iPod owners who have a pouch/holder for their pod.

What is the best - why , and where are they on the net.

Look forward to your help.




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    I just got my Super Dooper iPod case from <a href="http://www.sfbags.com"; target="_blank">www.sfbags.com</a> There is no other choice, this IS the best
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    adam11adam11 Posts: 163member
    After looking around a bit I have to agree..... but my wife says it looks crappy.

    hmmmm Im not sure that I will be able to satisfy her tastes from the alternatives available.

    One question - is the inside of the front flap soft so that it wont scratch the screen will it ? (I guess the same goes for where th metal touches the back...?

    What do you think Robert ?



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    The inside flap is felt, and it is super soft. If that can scratch the screen, then I don't know what won't. The back is mesh, it too is soft enough not to scratch.
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