iPod Expansion

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Ever since the iPod came out, I've been disappointed because it doesn't include realtime mp3 recording abilities. Then it hit me.

Does the iPod truly have room for expansion?

Connectivity to future digihub devices through firewire is almost certain, but what about addons to make the iPod more functional as a standalone device? I would consider a microphone, or line-in paramount, but also things like Airport and MIDI would be nice. And something connectivity to other storage solutions (CD-R, Big, ext. harddrives., zip drives) would be really great.

Would this be something that would prompt you to buy an iPod of your own? Or have you any knowledge of the technical abilities of the tiny ARM processors built into the Pod?

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    All of what you suggest is feasable...

    Only problem is the fact that Apple will probably limit any upgrade like that to work with ONLY a newer iPod, locking us early adopters out. Now, I'm sure there will be a hack, but I don't think it will be Apple-backed.

    Apple is in the hardware business. They will rarely let you upgrade an existing machine...

    Well @ least that's my take on it...

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    re hardware business. they could allways sell an adon that either provides a audioin port or a microphone. i don't need that functionality so i am happy with my iPod anyway. but they could sell this functionality as an adon. and maybe a remote...
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