Fed Court strikes down Net Neutrality rule

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An Appeals Court has ruled the FCC has no authority to block providers from throttling or blocking web traffic

"...even though the Commission has general authority to regulate in this arena, it may not impose requirements that contravene express statutory mandates. Given that the Commission has chosen to classify broadband providers in a manner that exempts them from treatment as common carriers, the Communications Act expressly prohibits the Commission from nonetheless regulating them as such. Because the Commission has failed to establish that the anti-discrimination and anti-blocking rules do not impose per se common carrier obligations, we vacate those portions of the Open Internet Order."

In a nutshell the Court ruled that broadband and wireless providers aren't "common carrier's" and so the FCC cannot regulate them under rules that apply to that segment.


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    This won't go well.  Paying a subsidy for extra bandwidth is bullshit.  And just wait for the tiers, "If you want Facebook and google, only 29.99 extra a month"  Good times ahead indeed. 

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    And since AI refuses to show images at real size, click (and click again, etc.) to get readable.


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