Inserting entry dates in Entourage or Outlook address book entries

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I have Entourage intake for Email & Entourage address book., on Mac Maverick. I would like to be able to date each new entry in the address book in such a way that I can access let's say all entries after 1/24/14, just as I can access all entries named Waxman or all entries with a specific zip code. Is there a way to do that on the Entourage address book? Is it true (as a Microsoft tech-supporter just told me) that I could easily migrate all my address book & email from going thru Entourage to go thru Outlook for Mac Maverick & would then be able to do with entry dates what I just described?  Is there a better solution for email portal and address book for use on Mac Maverick? Thanks!

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