Is it still possible to play Raven Shield (Mac version)?

in Mac Software edited February 2014

Hi everyone,


I loved Tom Clancy's Raven Shield when I owned a PC. Now I just have a MBPr. I'd like to avoid having to install Win7 via Bootcamp, still I would love play a few RS games with a friend on Mac.


I found a few OS X versions of Raven Shield sold online for a few bucks. I'd like to know:

1/ Was the Win > OS X porting decent? I read here and there that it was pretty crappy. Plus, the PC version became really playable after a lot of updates and I wonder if they were made available for the OS X version too (and still findable).

2/ Does it run correctly on recent systems? It isn't even mentioned anymore on the publisher's (Aspyr) website...

3/ Is it still playable online? Perhaps using Hamachi?


Unfortunately this game wasn't the most popular episode on PC, and I fear the Mac version flopped, because threads about it aren't legion online.


If anyone here owns this game in his Mac games library, I'd love to have his take on these questions! Thanks in advance.

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