what's the story with Epson and OSX?

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As the owner of an Epson printer, scanner and digital camera I've found a heap of trouble trying to use them under OSX. Although printer and scanner are now fine I still can't get my epson PhotoPC 800 digital camera to work in OSX with iPhoto. Indeed, on Apple's page it appears that iPhoto doesn't support any Epson cameras. The camera has USB and was, I thought, one of the most popular in the UK. Or was I the only one who bought one ?

Who should I be directing my irritation at - Apple or Epson? This is irritating as our school has just taken delivery of its first Mac in 5 years ( district PC policy ). I attempted to woo my colleagues with a seamless display of importing photos and am still wiping the egg off my face. Any help or thoughts about where to put pressure would be welcome.

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