Reorganizing safari's address bar completions?

in Genius Bar edited February 2014

When I start typing a URL in Safari's address bar, Safari will display a list of completions organized by Top Hits, popular google searches, and Bookmarks/History, in that order. Is there a way to make Safari list the history-based completions above the suggested google searches? Every time I start typing, Safari irritatingly puts search suggestions such as "reddit nsfw", "reddit gone wild", and other search queries I've never used above the URLs of my frequently visited subreddits. 


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    HOLY MOTHER OF HUMANITY FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WITH SENSE. I just… this is unfathomable to me. Why is Apple doing so poorly here, you know? I’d love a way to do this.


    Give feedback. 40,000 times. 


    What you can do straight off is turn off the search suggestions. That will at least bring your content upward, if not in any order that anyone would ever want to see it.



    Since the introduction of Top Sites, I’ve been dumbfounded that it considers “any URL that I have visited MORE THAN ONE TIME” as a “Top Site”. That’s just ludicrous. The entire algorithm needs thrown away and redone (or, rather, done, since it doesn’t seem to have been done a first time. Now, with the unified bar, it keeps up that standard of nonsensicalness by autofilling URLs that, you guessed it, I’ve visited MORE THAN ONE TIME. But not only does it do that, it autofills things from my history BEFORE my Bookmarks. That’s just completely insane. 

    Bookmarks, History, Suggestions. That’s how it should go.

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