in AAPL Investors edited February 2014

Long time reader, first time poster, Aapl investor.. Finally driven to make a few comments because I honestly can't believe how ridiculous the aapl stock analysis can be from these guys. How can you possibly compare today's Aapl (with a p/e of ~13) to 1998 Msft which had a p/e of ~80!! Off course the msft stock price flatlined for a decade while the earnings caught up with the the market value and msft missed the mobile disruption and coasted on the fumes of it's windows cashcow. Whereas once you also consider it's enormous treasure chest and quarterly free cash flow, today's Apple could buy all of its own cheaply valued stock over the next 10 years without ever growing its business. If it made a SERIOUS effort to take shares off the table then the value of those shares outstanding would skyrocket. An extremely overly simplified model to visualize this: Apple buys ALL of it's shares back except the one I own....what is the value of this one outstanding share? The end of this decade long chart would look a lot different for that one aapl share. Completely disregarding the possibility that Apple grows its business by developing new products. The point to make here is that analysts aren't the only ones who can create imaginary narratives, but apparently their bullshit can startle the stupid herd (markets) as today's aapl price swing shows.    

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