Lynix PDA and Mac OS X

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Does everyone here know about the Sharp PDA that runsa portable Linux/Java OS? The hardware is the same as required for the Pocket PC Platform. Darwin is an Apple owned unix distro and Aqua is the windowing/gui for OS X. How much effort would there be to slim down and portify (yes, I made up the word!) Aqua (call it Sip) to sit on top of Darwin? Also, porting it to the StronArm processor would not be an issue given how portable OS X is supposed to be (as NeXT, it ran first on Intel chips). I can here some of you saying, what about cloning? Not an issue, if you sell the Portable OS X seperately, they could be installed over the Pocket PC platform on their hardware. One of the objections for not porting the OS X to the PC side was hardware supporting nightmare of thousands of different devices and manufacturers. With a very rigid standard set for Pocket PC, all devices are virtually identical. Ans Apple could either get into the mix with their own hardware or sell the OS for use on other vendors PDAs.

I really want to know people's thought on this, so chime in!

Also, I plan on making a mock up UI in Flash MX of the Portable OS X and if anyone wants to make a mock-up of the hardware, GREAT!
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