Best Buy Getting Rid of Space Gray rMini Wifi+Cellular?

in iPad edited March 2014

Hey guys, not sure where to put this thread so let me know if it needs to be moved to a different sub-forum.

I was looking around to get a Space Gray ipad mini retina display 32gb (Verizon model) today rather than wait for one to ship to me but none of the Best Buy's in a 100 mile radius of me had one. They had a 2-3 White/silver one but no space gray...

I called around asking and it seems as if they can't even order one for me without me having to do it myself from One guy even said they're getting rid of it completely, asked for a reason why and he couldn't give me one.

What gives, is apple and best buy cutting ties? rMini is still in somewhat of a demand last i checked...


I haven't checked if the ipad air or anything else was Out of Stock at my local stores, just the black verizon mini retina model

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