Bricked after iOS 7.0.6

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Warning: There are some serious issues with this update. I simply plugged in my iPhone 4S into my computer to charge the battery because I did not have the AC Adapter to go with my USB plug on Monday Feb. 24th. I was unaware fot he SSL vulnerability junk. Just didn’t want my phone to die. Immediately after plugging it in,  iTunes popped up saying there was an update available etc. and just kept popping up so I just figured I would get it over with. Backed up to iCloud as suggested and followed prompts as instructed much the same as the upgrade to iOS 7 (no issues then). My phone just goes all the way to the very end and just before the update is complete I receive the following error, “The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error has occurred (3).” and the phone is just stuck there.  I am stuck in the restore mode permanently it seems.   I have attempted this on two different computers, over and over and over again. Powered it off/on over and over again. Checked for all updates on iTunes knowing that the second computer ONLY had the latest edition because it did not have iTunes on it previously. I have searched the web and apparently I am not alone. Does anyone have any idea how to get out of this. Have turned off all security programs, cleared history files, updated Windows, done the DNS Flush thing every fix I could find. Nothing, my phone is still a brick. I have worked with computers for years. Pretty tech savvy. Have removed the HOST files done so many other things. Still just a brick. I am using a Windows based system running Windows 7. All up to date, I do believe they are both running IE 11 which I hear has some issues of it’s own. This is obviously some sort of software glitch and I have to believe that Apple will come out with a patch for this ASAP. But in the meantime, my phone is down and I am opened to any advice that might get it up and running again. Any suggestions??????


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    In before hundreds of posts telling you that 7.0.6 works perfectly fine.


    Here’s one: 7.0.6 works perfectly fine.


    DFU restore; try again.

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