Mounting AFP Share via Terminal

in Genius Bar edited March 2014

I'm having some issues mapping an afp share from the terminal.


This is what I'm trying:


sudo mount_afp -o nobrowse afp://username:[email protected]/Updates (the share I want to map)


It comes back The mountpoint afp://username:[email protected]/Updates does not exist, realpath returns 2



I can take the path it says doesn't exist, go to Finder, click on the Go option, copy & paste that exact path from terminal into the Server Address and it goes right there. What am I missing???


I want the -o nobrowse in there because I don't want it to appear on the desktop in case someone was wondering. I have also tried using the IP address of the server instead of the server name and it comes back with the same error, yet when I copy & paste that path into the Server Address window of Finder it also works. I'm completely lost as to why this isn't working.

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