G4 Rebates = New Towers on the Way!

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Apple anncounced price rebates on the entire G4 tower line. They expire the second week of July. This means only 1 thing:

Rebates until July!

(oh, and new Pro Macs too I guess...)


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    Just like the iPod. I think both are going to see some changes (iPod + PM), otherwise they wouldn't be trying to push existing inventories.

    -Just a thought.
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    Um, no. Sales could just be slow.
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    derrick 61derrick 61 Posts: 178member
    Anybody actually find these rebates on Apple's site?

    [Edit: here it is]

    <a href="http://guide.apple.com/hotdeals/applestore/index.lasso"; target="_blank">ApplePromos</a>

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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    Yeah, it's odd that this really isn't being advertised. It's a pretty significant price reduction (more than 10% on average), but it's really tough to find.
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    I'm sure that there will probably new PMs come MWNY, but I think that there's a couple of reasons for this discount:

    1) Slow sales.

    2) Make the PMs more competitive with the new server(?)
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