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We have seen iMovie, iDVD, iTunes & iPhoto make all these once complex tasks simplier and easy to use. They have become practical, useful and the envy of both software and hardware manufacturers throughout the industry.

This should be next....!

However, the initial iPhone has already been created and abandoned by Microsoft. Does anyone remember the MicroSoft Cordless Phone. This is/was a great concept, however, one that can be improved upon and made simplier by Apple. Here is the specs.....

Microsoft® Cordless Phone System

OverviewManage your calls using the power of our PC. The Microsoft Cordless Phone System uses your PC to help you manage your busy life with a sophisticated voice-mail system, Voice Command dialing and new ways to handle incoming calls.

The Call Manager software included gives you sophisticated voice mail, Voice Command dialing, and enhanced caller ID features. Benefits You can easily place calls by simply saying a short phrase, like "call Mom." Create a flexible voice-mail system with individual mailboxes. Create private greetings for each caller to personalize your voice-mail system. Hear the incoming caller's name before you pick up the phone with Caller ID Announce. Retrieve voice mail messages from anywhere, and get notified of new or urgent messages at your cell phone or pager. Prioritize special callers, automatically sending other callers to voice mail or block unwanted callers altogether.

Standard Features

Sophisticated voice mail and message management The Microsoft Cordless Phone System gives you multiple voice mailboxes, so you can direct callers to the appropriate mailbox, for business or personal use, for any member of the family.

Voice Command dialing Voice Command allows you to place calls by simply speaking into your phone. With Voice Command, you'll never have to remember another phone number. Just say the name of the person you want to call and Voice Command will dial for you.

Enhanced caller ID features:

Create custom announcements for incoming calls, block unwanted calls, give special callers higher priority, and create individual greetings. Have your phone and PC announce the name of the person calling, so you can take the call or send it to voice mail.

900MHz radio frequency The 40 channel, 900MHz cordless phone gives you greater range and clarity than a standard cordless phone. Enjoy static free phone conversations from any room in the house.

Call History:

The Call Manager software logs all incoming and outgoing calls to and from the Microsoft Phone System, giving you a complete record of your phone activity.

Remote message notification and access:

When you're away from your home or office, the Microsoft Phone System can notify you of important messages on your cell phone, pager or at a remote phone number. You can also easily check messages by dialing from a remote location.


Combine this with the personal PBX software-hardware. <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; has a device around the same size as your DSL modem or personal hub/gateway.

Combine all this together while using the Airport Base Station as the base for the phone and you have once very useful and practical device. Of course it could work without your computer on, by why would you want to...

Any thoughts?


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    digixdigix Posts: 109member
    Why is that this remind me of Apple's Apple Phone for the AV Macs?

    Well... Apple's product tend to have a reincarnation cycle (IDC -&gt; ADC), perharps it will be reborn again in the near future.
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