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Okay, I ahven't been playing with it that long, but can someone tell me how I get my iCal transferred over to my iPod?


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    donnydonny Posts: 231member
    Until iSync is released by Apple, you must click the event in your calendar and then export it. You can export it to your desktop and drag it to your iPod, or you can just export it directly to the caledar folder of your iPod. Oddly, you cannot drag it off to the finder (like from Palm sync or Entourage), but it seems Apple has reserved the draggin feature for moving items around within iCal. Once iSync is released, it will export items and update the items you select automatically.
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    You can also export whole calendars at a time. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult for someone to write an apple script that does it automatically when you're iPod is hooked up. Any takers?
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    Thanks. I tried exporting. As long as you save the file with a '.vcal' extension it works.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    As I said in the Software forum, iCal is near useless without iSync. iCal will remain completely useless to me until I can import my calendar from Palm Desktop and synchronize iCal (and Address Book) with my Palm PDA via iSync.

    Until we get iSync, iCal still makes for a snazzy calendar date dockling.

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