Create Playlists on the fly???

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Has anyone found themselves with their iPod but without their Mac, and wanting to add or remove songs from playlists. I find myself in this situation all the time, considering I use playlists more than anything. I think it would be perfectly feasible to have a portable playlist editor in the iPod firmware. Think about it, you go to the main menu, then select playlist editor, then click add or remove, then go to your song library, select the song you want to add or remove, then it asks you which Playlist you would like to add to or remove from...or something along those lines...pretty feasible it seems. Any thoughts???


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    the only easy way to do this is if they add one more button to the interface....

    if i Have to go through a hierarchy of menus just to change one song per playlist, it is going to get old fast....

    the ability to make a queue on the fly would be nice, that would be easy to do too just find a song when another song is playing and click on the middle radio button and that song would automatically be next in the queue and so on for the next song etc....
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