Can't install FreeHand … and I use it to breath!

in General Discussion edited March 2014

Ok, so not really, but we do use it 99.9% of the time, and it crashed this morning, and now I can't get it installed?


I've trashed every file I can find, and reinstalled from scratch - and no luck?


It's on a computer that it has been on for 5 years or so. this Mac is running 10.5.8 (so I can use Freehand). When I reinstall it, and try to launch, it crashes and says "quit unexpectedly"?


I guess I could try to run Apples Utility and see if that cleans something up for a re-install?


Are there files I didn't trash, that are hidden somewhere, that I DO need to get rid of?


I'm pretty sure this seemed to have gotten worst after I try to installed some fonts … if that makes any sense? No I never got the fonts install, and I did trash the application MacTuner which was part of the fonts package - weird as it seems.



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