My Pod Will No Longer Take A Charge-Apple Replaced It With A New One!

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During the past two months my nearly year old 5 Gig iPod has run less and less on a charge. It finally stopped working completely this weekend. Shows file and/or battery icon with an exclamation point. After trying to figure out what to do on the Applecare site, I simply couldn't find an exact fix. Sooo, Apple is taking it back for service. It is still under warranty as they extended all warranties (I purchased mine on 11/19/01) to a year rather then just the original 90 days. I should get the shipping carton in the next few days.

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    The life on mine was getting shorter, but I managed to completely flatline it the other day (no bars in the battery gauge, and I got a nice little message saying something along the lines of "The iPod's battery charge is exhausted, please recharge it immediately" before the screen went blank: further attempts to press anything brought up the old "battery with exclamation mark" icon.

    So, I plugged it into the mains, and it claimed to have fully charged 30 minutes later. BS, thought I, so switched the charger on and off, after which it took another two hours to charge. Apart from resetting the clock, there have been no ill effects, and the charge is lasting out like a trooper again.

    Me happy camper.

    Sorry to hear you're having problems, MacsRGood4U, but everyone I've heard have problems seems to have got a good resolution.

    Thing is, if mine's going to crap out, I'd rather it did so before the year is up... <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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    I did try charging it with the AC adapter and it froze on the first bar (big icon). When I plugged into into my iBook, it never appeared on the desktop. Then it went completely dead except for the file icon. At least Apple is accepting it under the extended warranty. I figure I bought it when it first came out and there was bound to be some problems, particularly with the then-new polymer battery. Life goes on. It will be fixed or replaced and I'll be a happy camper. For now, I'll have to take my daily 2 mile walk without it. Should be boring.
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    Apple sent me a return box. Sent back the iPod. Will probably get a replacement rather then it being fixed by mid-week (November 6 or 7). AppleCare site shows it pending to be shipped back to me.
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    [quote]Originally posted by MacsRGood4U:

    <strong>Apple sent me a return box. Sent back the iPod. Will probably get a replacement rather then it being fixed by mid-week (November 6 or 7). AppleCare site shows it pending to be shipped back to me.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Take this in stride my friend. At least you have warrantly. U will soon be able to walk 2 miles with music on your head
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    Since I bought my iPod almost a year ago, it originally only had a 90 day warranty. But Apple retroactively extended all warranties to a year. Lucky me. Without my iPod I seem to be talking to myself when I walk. (Actually it is usually the only intelligent conversation I have all day! )
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    yeah, I had the same prob with my iPod.... I fixed it though.... can not remember how!
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    hehe, i just bought my 10 gig ipod today 8D ! i am happy as hell, so happy, that ive had happy happy joy joy looping for 10 min . i found out somthing very very good tho when i bought it. a 4 year warranty from best buy, after employee discount, costed me less than 7$

    the company is full of bastards, but i just love my discount ))))

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    I'm happy to report that Apple sent me a new iPod to replace my original one. It's up and running.

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