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I have an iPhone 5 which im trying to restore as it was jailbroken and i had tried to remote wipe it using icloud. This has now resulted in a Spinning wheel loop. The solution ive checked for this is to do a restore by putting the phone in DFU or recovery mode and to do a restore. 

My iPhone 5 is currently jailbroken and on iOS 7.0.6 and im trying to do a shift+restore to 7.0.6 itself. But i keep getting Error 3194. Ive done the HOSTS file thing by clearing any entries in it and also by adding # before any Apple IP's and it still doesnt help. Ive tried to use Tiny Umbrellas TSS server as well to Shift+restore to 7.0.6 and that too gives me error 3194. Firewall and AV are turned off too. 

I have an iPad mini too which is on iOS 6.1.2 and jailbroken which im trying to update to 7.0.6 and that too gives me error 3194. So both my devices are giving me error 3194 when trying to shift+restore to 7.0.6. 

Am i getting the error 3194 because im trying to Shift+update to 7.0.6? or is there another issue here altogether?



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    The common solutions are the Hosts file fix which is discussed on all forum which you are saying that it didn't work for you. The other solution are uninstalling firewall or antivirus software, which also didn't work for you. 


    You can try this other method also, just type in your web browser

    make sure the below web page is shown.


    The above is the screenshot of Apple web server, if you are getting this then there is no problem with connecting to server address. 

    If not re check the Host file or firewall. You also need the latest itunes software for updating or downgrading to work, download the latest iTunes software from . If you wan't to find more about the 3194 error , you can get it on the below links.


    What is error 3194? iTunes error 3194 Fix.

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    When you try to open any website then you won’t to able to open and receive error message in your iphone screen. This is due to the improper maintenance of  your iphone. If any file form the iphone settings gets deleted or corrupt then the chances of this occring this error increases, virus also plays important role in creating this type of error. When you face 3194 error in your iphone then you need to use third party repair tool to fix this http error. This powerful tool will shortly remove your iphone errors and you can easily transfer files in your iphone.




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