How do I restore lost emails with Time Machine?

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I would like to know how I restore lost drafts that I had on my mail program 6.6 with Time Machine.


I forgot that when you restore the mail program (was buggy) it saves all your emails except for your drafts. So now I need to find all the drafts that were deleted with my Time Machine.


Where are the drafts store prior to when I have to delete my mail program because of bugs in it?


How do I find them once I launch Time Machine.  Can't recall where they are stored in my systems folder?


Thanks for any help regarding this.


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    brlawyerbrlawyer Posts: 828member

    You are supposed to launch Time Machine WITH Apple Mail open and active - then cycle through the dates to find your specific drafts/messages and choose "recover".

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    dmfettdmfett Posts: 141member

    Thank you very much it worked perfectly I appreciate it.

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    karkkark Posts: 1member

    I was wondering if you know how to restore accidentally deleted draft email from the draft file on Apple Mail?

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