USB hub recommendations?

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I'd hope that buying a basic USB hub would be a simple matter, but for me it hasn't been. I went through four different models before settling on a fairly basic 4-port Belkin model, rectangular in shape and made of smoky translucent plastic.

Before getting this particular Belkin, I'd often find my mouse, keyboard, or printer wouldn't work unless I did some unplugging/replugging to get things started again, or I'd get low-power warnings that didn't make sense when using a self-powered hub.

I'd like to get another hub for another Mac, and can't find the one model that made me happy. There's a $30 Belkin model that gave me grief before and a $50 that looks very different from the one that's now working well for me.

I'd think a $30 powered hub should be quite adequate -- but I'm gunshy after having so many problems before. $50 seems like too much for such a simple device, and even at that price I don't for certain whether it would be reliable or not.

Anyone else experience this kind of grief from USB hubs? If so, what have you found that works well for you?


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    I have a Belkin Powered Pocket Hub and haven't had any problems. I dasiy chain (<-- right term??) it to an unpowered one. Each one of them is full. The unpowered hub is a Targue something-or-other. Each one of them works flawlessly. I'd recommed either of them.
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    Targus ultra mini usb 4 port hub.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>


    It's a bus powered hub wich works flawlessly with my powerbook.

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