anybody have an iRise/U.F.O??

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thinking of getting one to have front access to download photos and movies....anybody use one with firewire downloads of movies?? thanks g

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    That's COOL! :eek:

    Once again, an idea I had (back last spring, no less) ends up being made in real life.

    I thought about something JUST like this that would look nice with the iMac, but allow the ports to be placed in front for much easier access.

    I had everything but the glowing blue light!

    They cut the price. I don't know. I guess if you're a major iPod, digital camera, iMovie/camcorder, etc. user (and have the money to spare), why not?

    It's not like it's ugly or uncool. And it actually improves upon what I consider to be a less-than-smart design on Apple's part.

    I know WHY Apple did the "ports in back thing" (looks much nicer), but it sure is a pain in the butt!

    Buy it!
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    yes, but how well does it work?? i just remember that usb hubs were not good for certain jobs (scanners and such) and i fear that downloading video may not be the best when used through a hub instead of directly connected to the computer....if video works well, i will jump on this puppy like....well like a puppy jumping on something.....g
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    im sure f/w will transfer DV as advertised... USB has problems because of the way it is designed to need CPU regulation of speeds, f/w was designed to not even need a computer at all...

    besides if you have problems i'm sure you can return it, or you could just plug the camera directly into the computer bypassing the hub, but i doubt you will have problems
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    These have not shipped as of yet, but we're eagerly awaiting them at my store. I think they'll do well.
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