Insane New MWSF Features

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Heres for my list of insane new features:

iMac, G5, and displays use gyroscopes to stay upright. (Design flaw: unplug computer, computer falls over, may not work again).

iMac sports new liquid case over hard shell. (Design flaw: iMac easily punctured and therefore flooded with water.)

G5 has a new case, actually made of quicksilver (i.e., mercury) (Design flaw: G5 flows away...)

iMac has a new, TiBook-like sodium enclosure. (Design flaw: iMac reacts violently with water.)

G5 has new optical drive, first on the Mac. Up to 100GB of storage on multiple, translucent DVD-like layers, and the same size as a DVD. (Design flaw: none, this would be sweet!!!)

iMac now dispenses soft-serve ice cream. Built in refridgeration also makes iMac run cooler and faster. (Design flaw: This would be cool also...but who knows where to buy the stuff to put in it???)

Power Mac G5 floats in the air using (insert new technology here, maybe Gigawire :-P) (Design flaw: G5 tends to float away...also hits the ceiling when you take out internal componets, then drops to floor and breaks during power outage.)

And finnally, I know this has been said before, but it must be said again:

Virtual iMac, no limits on speed, size, ram, applications you run, etc. Users with bad imaginations tend to get the junky models. All for $999!


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    max8319max8319 Posts: 347member
    prepare to be closed......
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    dont drink soo much Jolt... its not good for the body
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    logan calelogan cale Posts: 1,281member
    See, this is the kind of thread you shouldn't close. Sure, it's silly, but who cares? That's half the fun of Future Hardware.
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    I beg to differ.
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