New Newer iCal?? (1.0.2)?

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Ohkay, now Apple's pages are saying 1.0.2 instead of version 1.0.1 which is what they came out with on thursday... so, what is up here? huh?


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    foadfoad Posts: 703member
    They probably found some bugs related to the update release. There is a new update with today's date attached to it.
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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    Hm WTF?! I just installed 1.02 and now I cant seem to do anything in iCal, can't change dates, can't resize events, can't make events...?!!
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    foadfoad Posts: 703member
    I just installed it and there are a couple places where I have noticedit being a little being the listing of my multiple calenders.
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    For the record:

    1.0.1 (v451)

    1.0.2 (v452)

    I can't tell any difference performance-wise. It did fix one minor UI glitch in the inspector where typing numers into the hour/minute box didn't update immediately.
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    so, that was a good simpsons, no?
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    By the way, this belongs in Digital Hub. Moving now...
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    1.0.2 fixes a bug which causes iCal to not function properly in certain time zones. Like Australia.

    Any other bug "fixes" probably resulted simply from reinstalling/restarting iCal.

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