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Here's a video iPod that I thought up. Instead of a circular trackpad, I shortened it to a quarter that you can manipulate with your thumb. Also thought that if you paused the video, you could scrub back or forth with the pad or quickly skip through the scenes with a visual interface.

I remember awhile back of a rumor of a new iApp that ripped your dvd's to your hard drive. Anyone else remember that?


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    actually, apple would get in deep sh!t if they did that, as the technology to decrypt the dvd's themselves is illegal.

    that hasnt stopped others from making apps that do this however. take a look at <a href="http://www.3ivx.com"; target="_blank">www.3ivx.com</a> and forums.3ivx.com, should find info on how to do it there
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    I think you're thinking of a portable DVD player w/ a harddrive inside. Might seem like a good idea. I'm not so sure about viewing a DVD on such a small screen, though. It would have a firewire interface to your Mac so you can add your own movies, MP3's and such. The only way I can see this selling is if it could also play DVD's from a DVD disc.
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    elricelric Posts: 230member
    A portable video player that could handle dvd files would rock. Use something like dvd backup to put the dvd files on the hd. It would need a battery big enough to play for like 3 hours (alot of the new movies are near 3 hours) and a 20 gig drive (or bigger). Would be really great it if had built in vcr type functions maybe contained in a docking station, sorta like TiVo to go. Hey that sounds snappy, TiVo to Go.

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    The 1.8 drives wouldn´t last long.

    Or the battery for that matter.
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    I dont know if I see a point for a product like this if it costs near what an iBook does...I do like the movie being displayed though.
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Why does this videopod idea still live on when there are 12" mini laptops (ibooks and tibooks) for the taking, they practically fit in your backside pocket, and offer a lot more than a castrated device like a videopod will ever be able to even surmise. Oh, a question mark is in order too. No?
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