Mavericks won't download

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I have read in many posts  online of people having issues with the app store crapping out before OSX Mavericks is finished downloading. This was when it just came out and  Apples servers were most  likely very taxed. I finally decide to take the plunge but have yet to be able to because of that crappy App store..all it takes is my time and my data limits. Is there a better place to get this update..Personally I would rather pay 25$ like the old ways and at least have a hardcopy. I tried 3 time so far and it keeps failing...and it isn't on my end since everything else is fine interweb wise:)



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,834moderator
    I don't get why all downloads haven't moved to the system used by torrents that allow any download to be resumable. Even if the App Store split the apps into dmg chunks no bigger than say 100MB each so that a failure only meant a fraction of the entire size.
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    climberclimber Posts: 130member

    UG..I know..I finally gave up trying!...

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