dual agp

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hi there people

with the heavy graphic requirments of os x do you think that apple will offer 2 agp slots to take advantage of quartz extreme on more than one or two monitors?

i've read else where that artists and graphics guys routinly have two or three monitors. it would be a shame to limit quartz extreme onlt to agp .

of course i'm assuming that the advatages of quartz 2 will appeal to the graphics set enough to warrent the extre agp slot.



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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    AFAIK the AGP 4x spec only allows for one slot.

    Also, I think that regardless of how many monitors you have hooked up, if you have one compliant vid card through AGP in use as the main it should accelerate everything...though I am not sure. I think I heard this at the thread on Quartz Extreme over in Mac OS X.
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