Organizational Workflow Charting software suggestions

in General Discussion edited March 2014

Good morning,


Our business is slowly moving to Mac and many people here use Wordperfect, Corel's Office Suite, to create workflow charts. It works very well. You right-click on each item and tell it that you want to create peer or child entries and it resizes the chart, automatically attaches things where they need to go and makes it fit nicely.


I can see that if we move completely to Mac that there will be several people who want a replacement that is able to automate chart making the way Corel does. So far I have not found a software solution that automates the process of making workflow charts on the Mac.


Does anyone have any suggestions? What we are not looking for is something where we have to manually attach elements together, nor are we looking to have to manually shape and resize elements to make them fit in the desired workspace... Automation is key.




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