Is this a good iPod upgrade strategy?

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The thinking is that the 5gb version will be phased out very shortly replaced by the 10gb but priced the same or even a few bucks cheaper.

My 2 month old 5gb iPod is starting to show some of those dreaded battery problems. Seems to hold only about 4-5 hours. If I still have about 10 months warranty, should I hold out on returning my iPod to Apple until they officially discontinue the 5gb model?

Perhaps I'll get a 10gb as a replacement.


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    Apple is real good at stocking plenty of replacement parts, I'd say go ahead and have it fixed. Remember this time in 2 year where an even cooler ipod contraption might come out.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    I shouldn't think you'll get a free upgrade unless your malfunctioning device is really out of date (see Fran's Powerbook...), so if you've got problems now, get it sorted out as soon as possible and enjoy more warranty time.
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