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What do you think they should do for the next iMac upgrade? Besides the obvious processor speed bump, the only big thing that I think needs to be done is to put in a GeForce 4 MX. That is as long as they have the options for a Radeon 8500 w/128 RAM or a GeForce 4 Ti in their tower lineup. In fact I think that those cards should be standard in their towers for as much money as they are.

The iMac is meant to be a consumer machine, and though the Mac platform isn't really big on games, there are still people that would benefit from the 64 MB of RAM in the GeForce 4 MX.


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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    133 bus if not more and option for 17"
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    digixdigix Posts: 109member
    What is a real possibility of the next iMac revision will have will be upgrade on its CPU and its GPU.

    More RAM would be nice, bumping it up into 512 MB for the high end, enabling the iMac to attain 1 GB without opening up non-user accessable RAM slot. Though this will lead to the question, will it made the iMac price higher?

    As for more VRAM. Well... 32 MB is quite a LOT. 64 MB is kinda too much for regular consumer now. But... Since that there's a lot of Pros using the iMac, I guess that 64 MB would please them.

    And if it's possible, it would be nice if the iMac's screen's resolution is upgraded, into perharps the same level as the PowerBook G4?
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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    The DeskLampMac should definitely have a new video card.

    I want an option for the same newest NVidia card that the towers will have - GeForce 5 or whate er will be availbale in Sepot.
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    wolfeye155wolfeye155 Posts: 425member
    I'm not saying that it should be updated immediately because better cards aren't available for the towers and there definitely needs to be a difference between the consumer and pro lines. But once the towers have better cards, I can't see a reason to not put in a GeForce 4 MX.
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